Manufacturer of Advanced Intermediates and Custom Synthesis Molecules.

Manufacturing Area

List of Equipments

Equipments MOC Total No. Total Capacity Volume Range
Reactors Stainless Steel Reactor 07 20000 Ltr 6000 Ltr to 500 Ltr
Glass-lined Reactor 04 9500 Ltr 3000 Ltr to 500 Ltr
HDPE Reactor 01 3000 Ltr 3000 Ltr
Centrifuges Stainless Steel 03 36” 150-200 Kg
Sparkler Filter Stainless Steel 02 200 Ltr 200 Ltr
Nutsche Filter Stainless Steel 01 300 Ltr 300 Ltr
Sieve Shaker (Shifter) Stainless Steel 01
Tray Dryers SS Tray Dryers 03 48 Trays 48 Trays
Milling Multi Mill 02


  • Plant is situated at MIDC- Tarapur (Maharashtra)-100 Km from Mumbai-accessible both by road and rail.
  • Land area of 1800 sq metres with built-up area 1000 sq metres.
  • Plants are manned by competent and qualified personnel to control and monitor all operations and controls are designed for manufacturing the quality products.
  • To avoid cross contamination and mix up , the plant is equipped with dedicated areas provided with AHU’s.
  • The facility is under constant up-gradation to meet with the regulatory requirement of Local as well International standards.

Salient Features

  • SOP for each operations
  • Area cleaning SOP + Records
  • Equipment Test Records, i.e. Reactor, Centrifuges, Temperature, Indicator, Pressure Gauge, etc.
  • Specified Man & Material Movement.
  • Total Area under 0.3 Micron HEPA filter.
  • Document and Records for Area Cleaning, Weighing Scale, Calibration, Cleaning SOPs and Validations.